Were you assaulted in the Peace Corps? Congress wants your story!

Following a recent episode of 20/20 featuring former Peace Corps Volunteers who were sexually assaulted during their overseas service, Congress has decided to explore the issue further and has asked a group of assault survivors to provide it with additional information from former volunteers about their experiences, prevention and response efforts, and possible policy enhancements, for an upcoming hearing, most likely at the end of March.  Pursuant to that request, First Response Action is gathering stories of former volunteers who experienced sexual assault while serving in the Peace Corps.  First Response Actions has model affidavits to help survivors tell their stories, and will share those stories with Congress affording survivors whatever level of anonymity or attribution they choose.  First Response Action is also interested in the stories of other Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, including former Country Directors, who may have information regarding sexual assault prevention and response policies.

If you are interested in sharing your story, or would like further information, please contact Casey Frazee at firstresponseaction@gmail.com.  All inquiries will be considered confidential.

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