We’re baaaack!

Looking different, but with the same purpose to promote, publicize and recognize the writers of the Peace Corps — whose writings are the ultimate fulfillment of the Third Goal!

The site is now much more secure vis-à-vis hacking so John and I don’t have to lose any sleep about that issue — as if we ever did — by I do believe our tech guy, Noah, did.

There’s been some rearranging to make more accessible articles about our countries of service. Just click on the tag at the bottom of the righthand column to read about your other home.

A word of warning — this transfer has been a huge job and all is not complete. Yet to come is a complete review of articles to assign them to their appropriate country tags, the Bibliography of Peace Corps Experience Books, the listing of books published under the Peace Corps Writers Imprint and some rearrangement of Category assignments.

But you can begin to read new postings here on Peace Corps Worldwide.

Thank you to those of you who have missed us!

P.S. If your screen is wide and you are seeing a vertical row of the numbers from 1 to 10 along the left side of the page, clicking on each will take you down the page so that you can read all of the 10 most-recent posts.

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