“We’ll Meet Again” (PBS)


Thanks to the “heads up” from Jane Albritton (India 1967-69) — JCoyne
I wonder whether someone might be able to help me. I am writing from Blink Films, the producers of the PBS documentary series “We’ll Meet Again” with Ann Curry.


Join Ann Curry for a new series featuring dramatic reunions
of people whose lives crossed at pivotal moments.
View history through their eyes and hear stories
of heroism, hope and the forging of unbreakable bonds.


“We’ll Meet Again” explores significant historic events that have shaped America and its citizens — told not from the point of view of world leaders, but through the eyes of ordinary people who experienced them directly. Our first season has recently broadcast on PBS, featuring watershed events such as WWII, the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement. Each episode introduces us to two individuals whose lives were impacted by history and we follow them on a quest as they look for a long-lost friend, comrade, family member or significant stranger.

We are in the process of researching for a second season and we would love to celebrate the founding of the Peace Corps. I wondered whether you could spread the word about our program to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in your membership? Ideally we are looking for Volunteers from the first assignments in the early 1960s or people who were inspired to join the Peace Corps after hearing President Kennedy’s first speeches about it in 1960, but we will gladly consider anyone with stories from the 1960s. I would be pleased to speak with someone from the group about our series if you can spare the time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Emily Mayson (Marshall Island 1971-73)
Archive Researcher

‎Please contact Emily directly at:
Direct Line: +44 (0)203 150 2748
US Line: +1 888 558 6449

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