We All Need an Editor — Jane Albriton (India)


An RPCV Editor for Your Memoir, Fiction
or Non-Fiction Book


Jane Albriton

Jane Albriton (India 1967-69) is an award-winning journalis,t and the president of Tiger Enterprises Writing Consultants. She is the creator and series editor of four books of Peace Corps stories published in 2011 on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Peace Corps. In 2011 the series won the Peace Corps Collection Award from Peace Corps Worldwide.

As a business journal writer, her beats have been the hospitality industry and food. Among other publications, she has written for Edible Front Range Magazine, The O&P Edge (orthotics and prosthetics), Southwest Art, and the Colorado Business Report.

As the editor of other writers’ book length manuscripts, her goal is to improve the manuscript without leaving any fingerprints, to let the editing vanish into the writer’s style, language, and rhythms. For that reason, she only works on complete manuscripts that have arrived at the end for the first time, a huge accomplishment and evidence of commitment.

Write Jane at: jane.albritton2@gmail.com


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  • Thanks for the heads up John. You found an excellent editor for my first book, but they just do corporate accounts, so I’ll keep this in mind as I begin work on “The Moritz Thomsen Reader: His Books, His Letters and His Legacy Told By the Writers Who Knew Him Best.” Cheers, Mark

  • I have just sent off an email to Jane which I hope she will receive. I noticed that while she has one “t” in her name, her email address contains two. I haven’t seen a “no such address” indication as yet, so hoping it’s valid. Thanks again for the referral.

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