Warren Weinstein Remembered

The New York Times reported on the death of Warren Weinsten. To read the article, Here is the link:  http://nyti.ms/1DniWd6

From the NYTimes article:

“A Fulbright scholar who earned his Ph.D. in international law and economics, Mr. Weinstein was proficient in seven languages. He served as a Peace Corps director in Ivory Coast and Togo. From 2004 until he was captured in 2011, he worked as an adviser for J.E. Austin Associates, a contractor for the United States Agency for International Development.”

It was not reported which years Weinstein served as Country Director in Togo and the Ivory Coast.

The Washington Post also reported on the  tragic death of Warren Weinstein.Here is the link to read that article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/the-american-hostage-devoted-life-to-helping-the-worlds-poorest-people/2015/04/23/368fb35c-e9c8-11e4-9a6a-c1ab95a0600b_story.html

From the Post article:

According to colleagues familiar with a 40-year career that spanned numerous continents and multiple conflicts, Weinstein cast a far longer shadow than they expected from the 5-foot-4 former professor. He had a knack for connecting with local people, whether shopkeepers or statesman, and was often surrounded by an entourage of co-workers and friends.

“He had a grand personality,” said Orzu Matyakubova, a development contractor who worked with him in Pakistan. “He could dominate a room.”

The Post also quoted  this tribute from a colleague:
The rigors of international life were nothing new for Weinstein, who had abandoned a secure job as a tenured college professor for risky fieldwork in Africa and South Asia.

“You could tell he needed something bigger, he needed a sense of ad­ven­ture,” said Bill Scheuerman, who taught political science with Weinstein at the State University of New York at Oswego.

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