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English Teaching Extension, Tajikistan
September 12, 2011 – June 31, 2012
Application Deadline: July 31, 2011

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, is seeking experienced English teachers who are interested in a unique cultural experience. The English Teaching Extension program supports U.S. citizens to come to Tajikistan for ten months to teach English, learn language, and help local NGOs in remote areas of the country. English teachers will live with host families and work at secondary schools, Universities, youth centers, NGOs, and American Corner libraries. Airfare, emergency medical insurance, monthly living allowance, and $2,500 completion bonus are all included. English teachers are grantees, and not employees of the U.S. government. 


English teachers arrive on or before September 12 for a 5-day ESL training course.
Teachers receive a $250 monthly living allowance and a $2,500 bonus after the completion of 10 months.
Teachers will live with host families during the training and the 10 month period. 
Grants will include funds for airfare, visa registration, and emergency medical insurance.
A 24/7 on call nurse will be available to assist teachers in the case of a medical emergency.
Knowledge of Russian is helpful. Knowledge of Farsi or Tajiki highly desirable.
Experience living at the local level and teaching in developing countries a must.

For more information:

Send a detailed cover letter (stating your interest, background, and willingness to live at the local level in Tajikistan for 10 months) and a resume that outlines all English teaching experience to usembassydushanbe@gmail.com

Resumes must be received by July 31, 2011. Applications will be contacted, interviewed, and selected by August 15, 2011. Teachers must be able to arrive in Tajikistan on or before September 12, 2011.

About life in Tajikistan:

Tajikistan is a former Soviet state that has remains extremely poor and isolated. It borders China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan. The country is extremely mountainous, and was part of the ancient Silk Road trade route. The people practice Islam, and Tajikistan is the most Muslim country in Central Asia. The level of English, and contact with foreigners, is extremely low. The older generation speaks Russian and Tajiki. Many middle-age men who have worked in Russian speak conversational Russian. The young and rural population speak primarily Tajiki. Ethnically, the country is mostly Suni Tajiks, with a significant Pamiri population of Ismaili Muslims living in the Gorno-Badakhshan region. There are also Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, and low numbers of other national and religious groups. The Tajik people are extremely friendly and the country is overwhelmingly safe for work and travel. Regardless, people living and working here should use caution and take preventative measures.

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