Use Your Cross Cultural Experience–And Do Some Good!

laurette-bennhold-samaan1Laurette Bennhold-Samaan (PC/HQ Cross-Cultural Specialist 1994-01) now works for an international consulting company called Aperian Global. She is asking for the help of RPCVs in developing content for a half dozen African countries with an unique  ‘web tool’ that provides extensive knowledge on how to conduct business effectively in countries around the world.

What this ‘web tool’ does is to help people understand and work better in new cultures, and work effectively with people of different backgrounds.

Today, GlobeSmart has detailed information on 66 countries. It is being used by more than 400,000 people working for 100 international organizations. (If you’d like to see a demonstration of GlobeSmart, check out

Now Aperian Global is looking to increase their countries in Africa. They develop profiles by  interviewing host country nationals, and people-like you!–who have worked in these countries. Laurette, who I worked with at the agency, has asked me to let you know (via this website) about her company, and to see if there are RPCVs in-country now, or who have lived and worked in these countries, who she might interview.

As Laurette says, “RPCVs, in my experience from working with the Peace Corps, are the best. They have first hand and unique knowledge few other US American have.”

The interview process is usually done face-to-face, but it can also be done by phone. It takes about an hour.

At the moment, they are only looking for RPCVs who have lived and worked in these particular countries: Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zaire

If you have the interest and time for the interview, Aperian Global will give you access to GlobeSmart for one month. To find out more, get in touch with Laurette at ( or Ted Dale, Chief Creative Officer at Aperian Global: .


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