Update on Dr. Robert Textor

Dr. Robert Textor is the author of the original, 1961  “In, Up and Out” memo that became the foundation for the so-called “Five Year Rule.” He is also champions serving Volunteers as well as RPCVs. His insight allowed for the continual hiring of RPCVs at Peace Corps. The recent Inspector General of the Peace Corps reviewed the so-called “Five Year Rule”.  Dr. Textor’s memo and comments are included in the final report. It is anticipated that Peace Corps will be releasing its proposed policy changes sometime in August.

Dr. Textor is recuperating from successfully surgery.  It is hoped that he will be able to review the Peace Corps proposals when they are released. Right now, his family reports that he would love to receive cards and messages from his friends. This is his address:

Robert B. Textor

Mirabella Portland Skilled Nursing Facility

3550 SW Bond Ave, Room 241

Portland, OR 97239

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