Jane Albritton's (India 1967-69) Books Project

In January 2008 I received an email from Jane Albritton (India 1967-69) asking if I would get the word out about her books project.  I was happy to do so. Anything to help RPCV writers get published. Anything to help RPCVs tell their stories. Anything to fulfill the Third Goal of the Peace Corps.

Jane’s plan was to publish four books of stories for the 50th anniversary. The four volumes-Africa and the Middle East; After the Cold War (focusing on Central Asia and Eastern Europe); Asia and the Pacific; Central America, South America and the Caribbean-would feature stories from past and present volunteers, staff and instructors.

Even while I was ‘spreading the word’ I thought to myself: This is a crazy idea!

Four books by RPCV writers?
Where would she find the writers?
Who would publish four books by Peace Corps writers?

Well, once again Coyne is proven wrong!

Travelers’ Tales/Solas House, Inc. will be publishing the four books of Peace Corps at 50.

 The release date is March 2011, the anniversary of the signing of the executive order.

Congratulations, Jane, for pulling off this publishing Hat Trick, Plus One. And congratulations to all the writers who responded to her invitation and will be in print in these books.

Jane  Albritton has shown that RPCVs do know how to tell their stories to the world and in doing so are fulfilling the Third Goal of the agency while the Peace Corps in Washington, D.C. can’t even figure out a way to celebrate the success of our five decades of volunteering.

For more about Jane’s books, check out: www.peacecorpsat50.org)

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  • Figures. The Colorado RPCVs pull off the unexpected. What is it about westerners? Congratulations Jane!

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