Travel Smart Article on The Peace Corps

Travel Smart, a monthly newsletter that Money Magazine calls “Best newsletter for travelers on a budget” has a piece entitled “Yes Virginia, There Is Still A Peace Corps” in their August 15, 2013 issue. Check out the publication, if only because I wrote the piece on ‘today’s Peace Corps’.

This small publication, TravelSmart, is jammed with traval information, current facts, and what is happening around the world. In the current issue, besides the Peace Corps article, there is information on the Top Ten Travel Deals, information on the USA’s  Global Entry program, Postcards From Germany, a detail report on Denver (Part II), how to travel to Cuba, legally, riding the rails in Great Britain, plus tips on travel gizmons, gadgets & gear. And a lead story on “Smart Cards’ how in the rest of the world ‘chip and PIN’ technology has become standard, and the US card companies haven’t yet caught up.

Not a lot of narratives about beautiful sunsets, but plenty of facts and information. Check them out on line at:

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