Travel Books Nominated for 2016 Peace Corps Book Awards

The Keys to the Congo: and Further Travels: Memoir of a 2x Peace Corps Volunteer
Irene Brammertz (Zaire 1988–90; Malawi 2011–12)
October 2015
A House in Trausse
Leita  Kaldi Davis (Senegal 1993–96)
December 2015
Ethiopian Vignettes: Seeing is Believing
James Murren (Honduras 1997-99)
November 2015
Travel Tales of a Feisty Fifty-something: All Roads Lead Home
Joanne  Nussbaum (Mongolia 2010–12)
January 2015
Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads
Paul Thexoux (Malawi 1963-65)
September 2015
Crocodile Love: Travel Tales from an Extended Honeymoon
by Joshua Berman (Nicaragua 1998–2000)
December 2015
Circling Sicily
Leita Kaldi Davis (Senegal 1993–96)
December 2015

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