Towering Task screening — Sunday September 22nd — Kennedy Center



Media Advisory

Contact: Documentary Team
Joe Shaffner, Communications Director
Alana DeJoseph, Director & Producer
National Peace Corps Association and In the Cause of Peace Productions host screenings of new documentary on the Peace Corps

On September 22nd, 2019, the National Peace Corps Association and In the Cause of Peace Productions are premiering a new documentary on the Peace Corps. The film will be screened at The Kennedy Center’s new living theater, The REACH, in Washington, DC. Following the September 22nd premiere of the documentary on the history of the agency, the production team will be hosting screenings of A Towering Task around the country.

A Towering Task is the first documentary to chronicle the remarkable history of the agency. After initial widespread support, the agency struggled to remain relevant as the world changed. With government agency budgets under fire and increased nationalistic tendencies in America, the agency is again answering the question: What role should the Peace Corps play in our world?

The goals of the documentary are to preserve the legacy of the Peace Corps while maintaining an independent, objective approach to the filming and to catalyze dialogue about what it means to be an American, both in the U.S. and as part of a broader global community.

To learn more about the documentary, visit And to contact the documentary team, email

To attend the screening at The REACH & to learn more about the full day of activities hosted by the National Peace Corps Association and the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC: Screenings are at 4pm and 7pm. A special screening is being hosted at 2pm in The Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater. This screening is by invite only and is almost sold out. Please email if you are interested in any available tickets and would like to write a piece on the documentary.



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  • I hope that eventually the producers and NPCA will make the documentary available as a DVD, for purchase. Get further viewership, and make a few extra dollars at the same time. John Turnbull

  • I hope so, too. But, the Documentary is going to be presented all over the country. New Mexico is an old PC state. I am sure it will be shown there, soon.

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