Towering Task Film Now on DVDs (and Streaming)

Documentary Now Available on DVD & for Streaming

Finally, A Towering Task is available on DVD and to stream! And just in time for the holidays or to celebrate a birthday or milestone.

You can purchase DVDs:

  • DVDs can be purchased through Amazon. CLICK HERE
  • Through First Run Features, you can purchase a DVD or view (while supporting a small film distributor). CLICK HERE

View online by renting or purchasing:

  • Rent or purchase online viewing through Amazon, and be sure to leave us a review! CLICK HERE 
  • If you would like to, instead, view through your local library – or if you are a student or teacher – you can do that through Kanopy. CLICK HERE

Take a look, and do share these options with friends, family, colleagues, and schools!

Video montage from the upcoming new website. Stay tuned!
PBS Broadcast Update:

In the past few months, A Towering Task: The Story of the Peace Corps has been broadcast across the country on World and local PBS stations. We are thrilled to announce that the documentary has been shown on more than 300 channels with over 900 telecasts since September. So far, we have reached 46 states (looking at you Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina and Rhode Island). That is incredible! And thanks to all of you who have called in and written to your local stations to help share the story of the Peace Corps.

For PBS broadcasts going forward, look below – near the bottom of the email – in the “Finding Broadcast Times for your PBS Station” section. Or get your DVD (or streaming) through Amazon!

Thank You for All That You Do
for Us and for Other Causes

We appreciate all of your generosity along the way with donations, archival materials, stories, and for continuing to tell the Peace Corps story. We could not have done any of this without your steadfast support; you helped make this happen!And in this season, when your inboxes are flooded with donation requests, we wanted to thank you also for all of the support you provide other worthy causes during the year. We know that there is a lot of work to do globally and at the local level, and whether you support them financially, through volunteer time, or by helping promote the cause, we thank you.

Finding Broadcast Times for Your PBS Station

For your local PBS stations:

  1. If the documentary has already been scheduled, go to this page:
  2. In the top right corner of the navigation bar, you may see you’re already set to your local PBS station. If not, you can hover your mouse over the PBS station set and then click on “Change Your Local Station” under the red donate button.
  3. Choose your local station, and hit the “Confirm” button.
  4. From there, click on “TV Schedules” in the top navigation.
  5. For local stations, you can then type “A Towering Task” in the search bar at the top of the schedule (or top navigation for some local station web pages). Once you find “A Towering Task”, you should be able to see the dates, times, and channels for airing.
  6. If you cannot find any information, contact your local station. They should be able to share the timings with you, or if they don’t have a time slot, request that “A Towering Task” be scheduled.


  1. Visit:
  2. Once there, go to “Set Station” in the navigation bar and enter your zip code (or find by state) in the pop-up window. Click on the local station that works for your area.
  3. Once on your local station, click on the schedule. If your local station is a World subscriber, you will see what channels on your TV host WORLD, and you can search by the show name or on the dates the show is to air (September 29th and 30th) to find the time you can view the documentary. Be sure to note the timings and that you account for time zone differences, as needed.
An Easy Way to Support Our Work
Spread the word. Share this newsletter and the documentary website with your friends and family. Thank you all for making this possible!

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