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The October “Peace Corps Update” email announced the winners of the Peace Corps’ second-annual “Blog It Home” competition. Blogs by more than 350 PCVs were submitted, and the winners were chosen via Facebook voting.

In September the 9 winning “Top Bloggers,” authors of 8 blogs were invited to Washington and participated in a Third Goal spree during which they spoke at the White House, in schools for under-served students, to Girl Scouts and on the Voice of America.

Bloggers at the White House (photo from the Jill Conway's blog)

Bloggers at the White House (photo from the Jill Conway's blog)

Visit the each of the winning blogs and read about how these PCVs are living the life!

From Albania, Jill Conway’s “Holy Shqip Xhilli is in Albania”

From Cameroon,  Anna Nathanson’s  “Anna Does Pangea

From China, Keith and Heather May’s  Sponge and Slate

From the Dominican Republic, Bronwen Raff’s  “Bea, Vea, Bella: Mensajes from a PCV in the Dominican Republic”

From Guinea, Sara Laskowksi’s  Sara in Peace Corps Guinea: 27 Months of Service with the Agroforestry Project

From Senegal, Erica Hooker’s “Senegal Writing Home: Documenting 26 Months in Africa with the Peace Corps”

From Thailand, Christine Bedenis’s  “It’s Not about Me: It’s about Everything Else”

From Uganda, Julia Lingham’s  Pearls from Africa: Two years in the Highlands of Uganda, and There’s Still Something New to Learn Everyday in the Peace Corps.”

Peace Corps Worldwide hopes that these award winning bloggers — and all PCV bloggers — will share some of their stories with us.

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