Tony D'Souza's (Ivory Coast 2000-02, Madagascar 2002-03)Winning Year in Journalism

After finishing writing his last novel, Tony D’Souza (Ivory Coast 2000-02, Madagascar 2002-03) spent a year as a free lance journalist in St. Louis and Sarasota and racked up a series of awards and recognition for his journalism. Among them were….

National Association of Black Journalists Award for Investigative Reporting (co-award with Tom Finkel) for a 8000 word feature “Plenty of Guilt to Go Around” in Riverfront Times about a murky 1982 St. Louis murder and the African American man still in prison for it despite jury stacking in the early 80s’ racially biased, pro-death penalty courts under John Ashcroft.tony1

Florida Magazine Association First Place “Charlie” Award for Investigative Reporting for his 6000 word feature “Eyes Wide Shut” in Sarasota Magazine that uncovered new evidence in the $360 million Art Nadel “Mini-Madoff” Ponzi Scheme.

Florida Magazine Association Second Place Feature Writing for the same story.

Florida Magazine Association Third Place Feature Writing for his 4000 word feature “Shooting Blanks” in Sarasota Magazine about the NRA’s back door influence on the Florida concealed carry law, since adopted by 25 states.

Society of Professional Journalists Florida Chapter Sunshine State Second Place Investigative Reporting Prize for “Eyes Wide Shut”.

Society of Professional Journalists 11-State South Region “Green Eyeshade” Award, Third Place, for “Eyes Wide Shut.”

And Sarasota Magazine, where Tony is a contributing editor, took this year’s Florida Magazine Association “Charlie” Award for best all around magazine. It also won for best writing.

Next spring, Tony will be the visiting McGee Professor of Non-Fiction Writing at Davidson College in North Carolina.


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  • Congratulation, professor. Now you can wear that funny hat of yours each June at your student’s graduation ceremony.

  • Congratulations and thank you, Tony. Just when I think that real journalism is dead, you have renewed my faith!

  • Aye, Tony, you are so talented, but I think you give new meaning to the old truism that talent is 90% work. You never stop!

    Didn’t I read something in the London Review of Books about your teaching a writing course, was it at USF Tampa? Or was it Oxford?

    Bravo! Bon travail!


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