Tom Hebert (Nigeria 1962-64) Shakespeare Road Show

Nobel Prize laureate, Wole Soyinka, LandRover that Tom inherited when he became the University of Ibadan

Theater’s business manager and directed the College’s 1964 Shakespeare national tour.

Tom Hebert and his Shakespeare Road Show in Nigeria

Tom Hebert and his Shakespeare Road Show in Nigeria

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  • Oops, it’s WOLE Soyinka, not Sole.

    I submitted this photograph because I figured Coyne wouldn’t notice that my trusty Peace Corps steed was a Land Rover, not the polo pony I was half-owner of for a while until I was thrown off of the Ibadan Polo Club grounds: “Gentlemen don’t race their ponies on the polo field.” S’true story.

    For more about the Shakespeare story and the Land Rover, go to this Peace Corps site which contains a much-travelled piece I wrote for Coyne a long time ago, in a galaxy…

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