To Review and Renew “The Towering Task” – a Peace Corps History Documentary

Alana DeJoseph is an RPCV (Mali 1992-1994) and an experienced professional producer of documentaries and is now undertaking the monumental task of creating a documentary on the history of the Peace Corps. The NPCA is supporting her effort, but it is, unfortunately, not an official program of the Peace Corps. To read about her work and make a contribution to support the effort as well as contribute your own memorabilia, here is the link:

In Alana’s own words, from her article:

Imagine a thorough, in-depth documentary about the whole history of the Peace Corps – not just the 60s, not just individual Volunteer experiences, but a thoughtful consideration of the agency’s past and its relevance in the future.

Think of the discussions in line at the coffee shop going from “Didn’t the Peace Corps have something to do with Kennedy?” to “I understand that the Peace Corps was in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iran! That it is in China, Rwanda, even Mexico! That Nixon tried to kill it, that Reagan praised it! That numerous sitting heads of state that credit their careers to the Peace Corps. And that every new American president seems to promise that they will double the number of Volunteers in the field, and none ever does.”

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