To all evacuated RPCVs —


Share your crucible moments

from Chris Samp (Ethiopia 2018–2020)


It is with great excitement that I invite you to contribute your personal stories to a new book I will be editing, tentatively titled, From Pandemic to Perseverance: Stories from Peace Corps’ First Globally Evacuated Volunteers.

The aim of the book is to address the “crucible moments” in the lives of Peace Corps Volunteers who were evacuated from their countries due to the pandemic. Crucible moments are times when a person encounters an unexpected or unusual challenge in life, and how that person rises to deal with the challenge and how he or she has been changed by the experience.

My goal is to apply this concept to the evacuated RPCVs of the COVID era, and to see how you have experienced the evacuation and persevered in spite of it.

That being said, I have begun the process of collecting stories from evacuated RPCVs and would love for you to participate. I hope to hear from evacuated RPCVs who have served all over the globe, and in various capacities .(Testimonies from Country Directors and other administrators are also welcome)

Some incentives to participate include the following:

  1. A chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card if you submit before July 1st (3 contributors will be chosen on that day, regardless of whether or not their stories are selected for actual publishing).
  2. An opportunity to make a personal and historical contribution to the Library of Congress.
  3. To have your story permanently included in a book in which all proceeds will go to International Justice Mission, specifically toward rescue operations for people held in slavery.
  4. All contributors regardless of whether or not their submissions are published, will have their names published on the acknowledgment page.

If you wish to participate or make inquiries, please e-mail me at

With sincere gratitude,


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