Time in you life for Peace Corps Response?

Peace Corps HQ

Peace Corps HQ

The Peace Corps is always seeking RPCVs (and non-RPCVs) for Peace Corps Response. These are the basic requirements:

  • An experienced professional
  • A returned Peace Corps Volunteer
  • A licensed physician or nurse

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This is not an application, but HQ may reach out to you if they have a position that fits your skills and experience. If  you would like to be considered for a specific assignment, you must apply directly to a posted position.

The email is: pcresponse@peacecorps.gov

Positions range from three months to one year in length and are designed to address development needs as identified by the host country. Volunteers provide targeted assistance in diverse assignments covering a range of projects, including food security, civil engineering, information systems, library science, and university level teaching.

  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Community and Youth Development
  • Business/NGO Development and Information Technology
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Education and Teacher Training
  • Global Health Service Partnership
  • Health and HIV/AIDS

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  • Good work John…having been a Response Volunteer on four different assignments, I know it works. But, it is not limited to Returned Volunteers. Retired professionals with skills that are needed can apply for assignment.
    The fact is that Volunteers and Host Country Nationals do not see a difference and quickly welcome the Response Volunteers to the Peace Corps family. Peace Corps Response was a creation of Crisis Corps, the Returned Volunteers that served in New Orleans after Katrina.
    You can serve a second time…ir more!

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