“Tiffany Trump, Don’t Join the Peace Corps!”

The 1993 prenup, obtained and reported by Vanity Fair on Tuesday, established that Donald Trump would halt $100,000 child support payments for Tiffany Trump when she turned 21 years old, or earlier if she joined the military, the Peace Corps., or landed a full-time job.”


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  • Hi there,
    greetings from a LOSER and SUCKER. I never thought I’d be proud to be included in those categories but if that’s what Trump is against; that’s what I’m willing to be all about.
    My two brothers, Tom and Bill as well as my daughter, Katrina and I, we’re all proud to be SUCKERS and LOSERS in Trump’s idiotic parlance. I volunteered for both the U.S. Navy and the Peace Corps and my brothers and daughter were all PC Volunteers as well, Trina in Bolivia, Tom in Samoa and Billy and I in India. Suckers and losers all!

    My advice to the Peace Corps’ Washington office would be to offer a T Shirt emblazoned with:


    Steve Donovan, India 20B

  • Steve,

    Peace Corps is a federal agency and it cannot indulge in partsan political speech. I agree with that law.

    Also, I am an army brat. My father was career military, combat veteran – WWII and Korea. The Korean War Memorial in DC has the sign saying. -“Freedom isn’t Free.” I have an inkling of what price victors and their families pay for that Freedom. I emphatically did not want my son to join the military. Of course, he played GI Joes with his “buddies.” Once, he told me my Dad’s problem was he didn’t have a lot of buddies. In 1988, some organization gave RPCVs an award and a poster celebrating our service. RPCVs of Colorado all trooped down to a local high school for the ceremonies. My 9 year old son, in his camouflage outfit, entertained himself playing GI Joe, running and gunning down imaginary enemies in the hallways.

    When he was about sixteen, I reiterated my spiel about your father, your grandfathers and your uncles all served, it is some other families’ turn. He stopped me and said, “If we had to go to war to help Korea, I have to go because my grandfather did and I cannot let him down.” That is how a mother’s heart is broken.

    We did not go to war in Korea. But I don’t criticize Trump for that sentiment. Even tho, I think it was his family’s turn. As for the Peace Corps, I joined in 1963. I served with all women. Many of us had families who did not want us to join. My mother was terrified. We all survived, stronger for the service.

    The only minor concern I really have is Trump knowing about the existence of the Peace Corps. I was hoping he was not aware. For three years, he did not know he could appoint members of the governing board for the Postal Service. Someone finally told him and look what has happened.

  • My Peace Corps group, all suckers for sure, includes a few men who served in the military and the PC. All of us served our communities, country and government for our entire lives. We are not people who Trump would understand or recognize. In fact, almost no one with whom I have worked, lived, and have had as neighbors and friends for my entire life (now 80), would be people who Trump would appreciate or understand. He is Other.

    In some societies he would be shunned. In our society for many he is an object of admiration. Perhaps the acceptance as a leader, a man who is so divisive, disingenuous, and vile is actually a bizarre strength of Democracy, if our society can survive his ascendance. We can only hope. — Nick Ecker-Racz, Nepal II, Glover, Vt.

  • It would make sense that child support would end if she did these things because she wouldn’t be living at home and being supported by her mother. But that’s too complicated for Democrats to comprehend apperently.

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