Thurston Clarke (Tunisia 1968) New Book: JFK's Last Hundred Days: The Transformation of a Man and The Emergence of a Great President

Thurston Clarke (Tunisia 1968) who served briefly as a PCV has a book coming in August 2013. It will be his 11th, and his third book on the Kennedy brothers. It is entitled: JFK’s Last Hundred Days: The Transformation of a Man and The Emergence of a Great President.thurston-clarke

In this book, Thurston weaves together Kennedy’s public and private lives, explains why the grief following his assassination has endured so long, and solves the most tantalizing Kennedy mystery of all–not who killed him but who Kennedy was when he was killed, and where he would have led us.

Clarke picks up Kennedy’s last hundred days that began just after the death of two-day-old Patrick Kennedy. While Jackie was recuperating, the premature infant and his father were flown to Boston for Patrick’s treatment. Kennedy was holding his son’s hand when Patrick died on August 9, 1963. The loss of his son convinced Kennedy to work harder as a husband and father, and there is ample evidence that he suspended his notorious philandering during these last months of his life.

In advance praise for the book, Douglas Brinkley, author of Cronkite, writes: “The three months before President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas were frenetic times: civil rights, Vietnam, Berlin, and reelection were on his mind. Thurston Clarke’s JFK’s Last Hundred Days does a marvelous job of reliving Camelot’s fragile promise. Clarke is a masterful storyteller and able researcher. This book sings. Highly recommended.”

This book, JFK’s Last Hundred Days will be published on August 6, 2013, by Penguin and sell for $29.95.

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