Thor Hanson new book about Feathers!

Thor Hanson (Uganda 1993–95) who wrote the wonderful The Impenetrable Forest a few years ago, his Peace Corps memoir of Uganda, has a new book, feathers1Feathers: The Evolution of a Natural Miracle, published by Basic Books this month.

In a review in this weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal, Jonathan Rosen, the editorial director of NextbooksInc. writes “Mr. Hanson may be a scientist but he writes like a man who believes in the value of a story.” Rosen goes onto say a lot of wonderful things about Feathers, including, “. . . Mr. Hanson knows it isn’t just the bird at the far end of the binoculars but the human being at the near end that matters, and he is writing as much about the human urge to understand, appreciate and appropriate the wild world as he writing about feathers, which he calls, in his subtitle, a ‘natural miracle.'”

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