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The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience wants to keep our members up-to-date. Once a month we’ll send you news of our latest projects, activities, stories, and exhibition plans.

Our Inaugural Newsletter invites you to view – from the comfort of your home – “A Towering Task, The Story of the Peace Corps” documentary; announces the Many Faces of Peace Corps; encourages you and others to volunteer with the Museum; focuses on our active Marketing Team; and offers you ways to contribute objects, stories, and money.

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Nicola Dino, RPCV Ecuador 1994-1997
Patricia Wand, RPCV Colombia 1963-1965

“A Towering Task” Peace Corps documentary!

The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience hosts a screening of “A Towering Task,” the award-winning Peace Corps documentary, viewable September 18 – 30, 2020… Read More

Museum Launches Many Faces of Peace Corps

Peace Corps 60th anniversary – 2021– is only a few months away, bringing an opportunity to celebrate the organization, its mission, and the diversity of its volunteers… Read More

Become more Involved

Call for New Volunteers

Numerous Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are donating objects and writing stories; so many, in fact, that we are seeking more members able to volunteer even a few hours a week…Read More

Make a Contribution

The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience accepts many different forms of contributions. If you would like to contribute personal artifacts and stories, Click Here, and if you would like to send a monetary donation to help create exhibitions and store collections, Click Here.

The creation and distribution of this newsletter, along with our outreach to members and affiliates, and promoting the museum, is the work of our Marketing Team:Michael Haviland, Colombia 1962-1964, Coordinator
Nicola Dino, Ecuador 1994-1997
Avriel Glass, Indonesia 9/19 – 3/20/20
Katie Halloran, Indonesia 9/2019 – 3/2020, Newsletter Editor
Mark Standley, South Korea 1976-1979
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  • Thank you for your kind words, Edward. I just post news of all the good work other RPCVs are doing. I post public records from the Peace Corps when I can get them… I know you live in San Francisco. Are you okay? Please stay safe. There is nothing poetic about those orange skies.

  • Safe, secure. 50 years here now. Air quality unhealthy currently from extensive fires in California and in Oregon, expected to improve Thursday, this being the 29th consecutive spare-the-air day–near twice the previous record. Fire deaths rising.

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