Third Goal Bash

We are more than half way to raising our ($10,000) to reserve space for our Third Goal Bash, a party in D.C. on Saturday night, September 24, 2011, of our 50th Anniversary Peace Corps Reunion. Thanks to all of you who have made contributions and bought tickets. Now as for the rest of you who are coming to Washington, D.C. (and not attending the NPCA Gala,) but who want a place to party…Well, we’re the place you want to be.

We are hosting a second gala (with a small ‘g’) and you can make it happen by buying your ticket(s) early. They are just $33. Thirty-three dollars for the Third Goal. The event begins at 7 p.m. at the George Washington University athletic arena. We’ll have beer, wine, soft drinks, and food, plus entertainment and plenty of space to dance or just hang around and talk to others from your years overseas and find out what has happened to them since you last were together! What more could you want for $33?

Bring your spouse. Bring the kids. Bring your partner. Bring your friends. But first make the Third Goal Bash happen by buying your ticket(s) ‘up front’ and, if you can, also donate (a little extra) to our 501 C 3 non-profit Peace Corps Fund which raises money for Third Goal activities by RPCV individuals and groups.

Oh, there will also be a raffle and first prize is 2 tickets to your country of service, (or anywhere Delta flies), plus a week’s stay at a first class in-country hotel ( not like where you stayed when you were in the Peace Corps) and there are other raffle prizes as well that will be drawn all night long at the  Third Goal Bash. 

Drop a check in the mail to  Matt Losak (Lesotho 1985-88).

Making the check out to the Peace Corps Fund. Thank you!

Peace Corps Fund
c/o Matt Losak
1001 Spring Street
Apt 316
Silver Spring, Maryland


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