Theme of Peace Corps Week “Optimism in Action”

Peace Corps Week commemorates March 1, 1961, the day that President John F. Kennedy established the agency. The annual celebration honors how the Peace Corps fosters connections and contributes to meaningful change – in the United States and around the world.

Optimism in Action

Since 1961, at the invitation of foreign governments, more than 240,000 Americans have served the United States and countries around the globe as Peace Corps Volunteers. There are currently over 2,400 Volunteers working alongside community members in 58 countries addressing the persistent impacts of COVID-19 and climate change, and tackling local development priorities across the Peace Corps’ six programming sectors: Agriculture, Community Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, and Youth in Development.

The theme for this year, “Optimism in Action,” not only celebrates the myriad ways the Peace Corps collaborates with communities to confront formidable challenges but also embodies a steadfast belief in the possibility of positive change through proactive, hopeful engagement. This theme highlights the vital role of resilience, adaptability, and sustainable change in surmounting global challenges and cultivating peace in our dynamically complex world.

Featured Events

As part of the week’s activities, the Peace Corps will hold a live event at the Kennedy’s Center’s Millenium Stage on Friday, March 1, featuring stories from the across the Peace Corps. More information about the 2024 storytelling events, and other Peace Corps Week activities, will be posted soon.

Global Connections: Stories from the Peace Corps

Stories build connections. They change minds, open hearts, and they can build enduring bridges between individuals and communities. The live Global Connections: Stories from the Peace Corps event showcased seven inspirational stories about the transformational connections made in the Peace Corps.

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