The Senate has passed health care legislation to improve care for Peace Corps Volunteers


Congratulations to the RPCV advocacy group, “Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers” who have worked so hard for years to get improved health care for Volunteers and RPCVs.

From their Face Book page, about an hour ago:

Success on our to obtain legislation to improve care for Peace Corps Volunteers!!!!

The House Bill: HR 2259 – “The Sam Farr and Nick Castle Peace Corps Reform Act” was signed by the Senate today and awaits being signed into law by the President.

It is a step forward. Unfortunately, the increase in disability income was dropped as were many other improvements we had written into the bill.

Rep. Judge Ted Poe noted in his submitted remarks to the committee, “I fought long and hard to increase the disability payment provided to disabled returned volunteers so they can make ends meet. I hope that this provision will one day become law. Peace Corps volunteers selflessly sacrifice years of their lives to help people they have never even met. Often in some of the most desolate, even dangerous, places of the world… Their service to our country should not turn into a nightmare that ruins, or even ends their lives…”[0]=68.ARBd5-1UQ_qtLESdRAqTi1T8m3Zf90HvgqHYhJdEjAtV6vw9yaKnqxY9geLoOCBKBuKCO6RzHDVNPYH4bEqs9P0C-s_twc9LI5tBoYWix7FDAr9sY6jWJBW022wg_BQNhAEw6z1W8FJ4QI378GKD8NfTmf-D1VLwRIpHvg9s_ASrJktrQE-72g&__tn__=kC-R

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