The Peace Corps Scales Back in Central America Because of Violence

You might have heard the news yesterday how the agency is pulling out of Honduras, and stopping Volunteers going to Guatemala and El Salvador all because of increasing drug and organized-crime violence. At the same time we are back in Colombia!

The PCV in Honduras –158–with be leaving the country in January. Aaron Williams says, “We are going to conduct a full review of the program.”

In Guatemala and El Salvador, the Peace Corps is keeping the 335 PCV in country but not sending in 78 more Volunteers.

The new spokeswoman for the Peace Corps, Kristina Edmunson,  says that the decision came about because of “comprehensive safety and security concerns.”

Now, Peace Corps blogs has been reporting that a PCV had been shot in an armed robbery. That I had not heard about, but it is being reported in the New York Times today, Thursday, December 22, 2011. They got the information from the Peace Corps Journals, and on-line portal for blogs by PCVs.

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