The Peace Corps' Most Successful RPCV Writer



LIBERIA 1967-69



Violent Crimes (2016)

Woman with a Gun (2015)

Worthy Brown’s Daughter (2014)

Sleight of Hand (2013)

Capitol Murder (2012)

Vanishing Acts (2011)

Supreme Justice (2010)

Fugitive (2009)

Executive Privilege (2008)

Proof Positive (2006)

Lost Lake (2005)

Sleeping Beauty (2004)

Ties That Bind (2003)

The Associate (2002)

Wild Justice (2000)

The Undertaker’s Widow (1998)

The Burning Man (1996)

After Dark (1995)

Gone, But Not Forgotten (1993)

The Last Innocent Man (1981)

Heartstone (1978)


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  • Cool. My husband says he has read many of those books and didn’t know Margolin was an RPCV. Thanks for bringing this and him to our attention.

  • You are The Man of Peace Corps Writers…Thanks for all that you do. You should get an award from some fancy Writers group like PEN.

  • Who, beside John Coyne, of course, would have guessed? Would have known. I thought it was Paul Theroux, or, positing some anomaly, George Packer.

  • I just got five of Margolin’s books from the library and am reading them rapidly. His murderers are all, so far, brilliant, successful, and incredibly cruel and violent. What was disconcerting was to read a blurb on one cover that said Margolin had been a criminal defense lawyer and had drawn on that experience for his fiction.

    I hope, John, that you interview Margolin soon and ask him more about his criminal defense legal experience. Also, did he draw, at all, on his Peace Corps experience??? That is one interview I look forward to reading. Right now, I am leaving all the lights on at night!

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