The Peace Corps "Google Hangout" with Peace Corps Response Volunteers

Peace Corps is going to do a “google hangout” which will be a chat with Peace Corps  Response Volunteers.  Here is the information from Peace and link:

Google+ Hangout

February 11 at 1 p.m. EST

Regarding the Hangout you should not have to create a Google account to watch. If you click on to the link at 1PM EST tomorrow it should all work, providing that technology corporates with the agency. Following the event tomorrow, a recorded version will be available on Peace Corps’ YouTube page.

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  • This was a really good and informative session. I urge those of you who could not see it today, to follow up by looking at the
    YouTube page.

    The three PCV Response Volunteers were all RPCVs. I think this was very important in what appeared to be their very successful Response assignments. I also thought that some of the strategies used in the Response Assignments could and should be used for the 27 month Volunteer assignments.

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