The Peace Corps Wants You!

Did you get this postcard from the agency? The one that reads: DID YOU KNOW THE PEACE CORPS ONLY HAS EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR 1 IN 4 RPCVS?

(Knowing the Peace Corps, I’m surprised it is that many addresses.)

So, what the Peace Corps wants is for all of us to contact the agency and give them our email address. I think it’s a good idea. The Peace Corps also (if you say yes) will share your email with the NPCA, which I also think is a good idea. My guess is that the NPCA has only 1 in 10 addresses.

So, if you haven’t (yet) received the post card, go on-line to:

And if you do it right away, the Peace Corps will put your name into a drawing for special prizes! Wow!

What would that be? Your photograph with Acting Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet?


Two (More) Free Weeks of Peace Corps Training?

Seriously, this is a good effort by the agency’s Office of Third Goal and Returned Volunteer Services and we should help them. They are great RPCVs working at Headquarters.

Remember, the Peace Corps can’t do anything for us unless they know where we are, and RPCVs are famous for ‘getting lost’ in America once they come home.

Do yourself (and me) a favor and check in with D.C.

It can’t hurt.


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