The Peace Corps Press Office Alerts PCVs About Upcoming New York Times Article

Dear Peace Corps Colleagues, I wanted to make folks across the agency aware that, in the coming week, we expect The New York Times to publish an extensive multi-media story about the Peace Corps both in print and online.

The Office of Communications has been working with the paper extensively on this story, which  will include commentary from Acting Director Hessler-Radelet, along with both supporters and critics of the agency.

The Times has solicited a wide variety of stories from current Volunteers and RPCVs, and we expect the piece will include both positive and negative sides to it.  Finally, it is our strong hope that agency reforms to enhance support for Volunteers and enhance their experience in the years ahead will be highlighted throughout.

Because of the depth of this story, I fully expect that it will go viral quickly in the Peace Corps community and beyond.  To help Peace Corps staff and Volunteers effectively respond, the Office of Communications will distribute talking points as soon as possible after the story is published.

Finally, if you have any questions about the story, please direct them to me or Shira Kramer in the Office of Communications.

Thanks much.


Maureen Knightlypeace-corps-office
Office of Communications
Peace Corps

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