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March was a busy and fulfilling month at the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience. We hope you were able to join with us in celebrating 60 years since President John F. Kennedy signed the Executive Order creating Peace Corps, March 1, 1961.

This newsletter brings you an overview of our March 3 exhibition opening Peace Corps at 60: Inside the Peace Corps Experience and the March 31 webinar Peace Corps 2.0: A Symposium. The exhibition and two events celebrate Peace Corps founding, preserve its history, consider its impact, and encourage discussions about its future.

This newsletter offers a story by Teena Curry (Madagascar 2010–2013) about the rice pot in the exhibit and ends with a reminder to check out Museum news on our social media accounts.

900 people attend exhibition opening

On March 3, Museum of the Peace Corps Experience (MPCE) virtually opened Peace Corps at 60: Inside the Volunteer Experience, its first major exhibit in ten years. Installed… [Read More]

2021 symposium considers ‘Peace Corps 2.0’ sixty years later

On March 29-31, 1961, the National Student Association with American University (AU) and University of Michigan students hosted…  [Read More]

Cooking Rice and honoring diversity 

Teena Curry (Madagascar 2010-2013) told her story “Rice and Diversity” during the exhibition opening on March 3. Teena spoke about the significance of two rice pots – the big one she borrowed for Camp GLOW and the small one she used in her own kitchen – and some of the difficulties she faced being a volunteer of color. Read her story HERE.

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