THE LAKE MYSTERY by Nancy E. Crofts (Congo)

The Lake Mystery: Secrets of the Crossroads is engrossing detective fiction about two young girls who dig into the buried secrets of their hometown


Nancy E. Crofts' New Book 'The Lake Mystery' is an Engrossing Detective Fiction Where Young Girls Dig Into the Buried Secrets of Their HometownFulton Books author, Nancy E. Crofts (Congo 1974-75), a licensed pilot, an adjunct professor for three decades, a former Peace Corps volunteer, a foster care provider, a wife and mother, has published The Lake Mystery, a gripping novel about the Spenser twins, Robin and Cresselley. The twins enjoy spending time at their grandmother’s house in the little, eastern Connecticut town of Stonington, where a beautiful lake can be seen. But things get more exciting and risky as they explore more on the mysterious occurrence on the north side of the lake.

Crofts shares, “Nine flights up in the fire tower’s small observation cubicle, with only stars in the night sky, the twins spotted lights moving suspiciously on the north shore of the lake. Could these lights be related to other mysterious sightings around the area? There was only one way to find out . . .. Wait and watch patiently for the lights to shine on the truth.”

Published by Fulton Books, Nancy E. Crofts’ book is a page-turning piece with the right amount of mystery and tension build-up.

The Lake Mystery: Secrets of the Crossroads
(middle school)
Nancy E. Crofts (Congo 1974-75)
Fulton Books, 2021
132 pages
$14.85 (paperback)



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