The Fallen Peace Corps Memorial Project


On this Memorial Day, it is good to remember those who served in the Peace Corps and lost their lives.  From the webpage about the Fallen  Peace Corps Volunteers Project: ”

The Fallen Peace Corps Volunteers Memorial Project, Inc. is a non-profit corporation. It is independent of the U.S. Peace Corps and the National Peace Corps Association, though we are supportive of their missions and have been grateful to receive their encouragement since our inception in 2003.

The Fallen Peace Corps Volunteers Memorial Project began as a very personal project envisioned by Chelsea and Donna Mack and inspired by Jeremiah Mack. We maintain this website and a Facebook page, write and respond to letters and emails, attend events and memorial services when possible, and generally do what we can to support others who have also lost a loved one while serving in the Peace Corps and are seeking community. This work has helped us to heal and introduced us to so many wonderful people along the way. To learn a bit more about our origins, read here.

We welcome contributions of photos, stories, videos, etc. as we continue to build this archive and honor the individual and collective legacies of all Peace Corps Volunteers who died while in service. We are inspired by their stories, and hope you will be as well. We take comfort in the good that continues because they were here. And we dream that there may someday be a special place where we can all reflect on the beauty and impact of their lives and service.



Fallen PCVs


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  • This is so very important
    Thank you for honoring those we’ve lost and the amazing families that raised them to serve and sacrifice
    Patti Garamendi
    Ethiopia 66-68

  • I went to the webpage of the Fallen Volunteers Memorial. The pictures of these Volunteers are all posted, one by one. It is very moving and left me in tears.

    • Joanne Roll, I went on this site this morning and I am both thrilled-honored-sorrowed at these fallen volunteers and astounded at the comments. It is touching indeed. Moving might be a better word, but no words can explain my feelings swelling up. I agree so much with you.

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