The Eastern Caribbean welcomed a new batch of Peace Corps Volunteers

PCEC incoming volunteers, PCVs and staff

The Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean (PCEC) islands of Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines are buzzing with preparations for the second batch of incoming Peace Corps Volunteers, since their initial return to the region in 2022, after the pandemic. The Volunteers will continue the important work of supporting the Education institutions of our host countries under the English Literacy in Primary Schools project. The project places Literacy Resource Volunteers in primary schools across the four islands, with the goal of helping students attain literacy skills to increase their academic and life opportunities.

Prospective Volunteers are excited about getting to work with students, teachers, and their community members. Peace Corps provides an intense 9-week training program for the incoming Volunteers. Shirley, a Volunteer who first started her career with Peace Corps in the late 1970’s in Africa, is serving again and noted that she is, “enthused about the training and that it provides an excellent opportunity for her to engage both face-to-face and online with staff and Volunteers.” Another incoming Volunteer, Lee said that the warm greetings she received upon arrival in the region, gave her a glimpse into how friendly her new home in the Eastern Caribbean will be. She is “super excited to be in her country of service and get to know her school and community.”

The enthusiasm among Peace Corps staff is at an all-time high. After successfully completing the return of Peace Corps Volunteers in 2022, this second cohort will begin to build back Peace Corps engagement in Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines to pre-covid levels. Anna Todorova, the Country Director, based in Saint Lucia says Peace Corps staff is fully prepared to continue their work with the Volunteers and to prepare them for service and life in the Eastern Caribbean. In her remarks to the incoming Volunteers, she stated that “you have made a decision to embark on a transformative journey of service, and we are committed to supporting you and seeing you and your communities thrive with these collaborative partnerships”


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  • Wow—talk about Peace Corps propaganda—t his is worthy of Soviet era pronouncements—everything is exciting, terrific, wonderful etc.

    glad to see PC is rebuilding its capacity in the EC islands. The people of those islands face many challenges and the Peace Corps volunteers will also face challenges in the coming months. Godspeed.

  • Soviet Propaganda? I don’t think so. I think it is just good old Madison Avenue marketing strategies. I was told by a RPCV working at Peace Corps back in 2009, that recuriting was very difficult. So the decision had been made that potential applicants would not be told that they were joining to continue efforts by earlier Volunteers. The marketing was each new potential Volunteer would have a brand new excting personal experience all their own.

    In 1999, Peace Corps moved to a new building. The then Director, Mark Gearan ordered the then comprehensive in-house Peace Corps Library with an excellent librarian to be disassembled. The argument was there would not be room in the new building for a library.

  • What a crying shame that one person can ruin such an important collection of materials as the Peace Corps Library. Maybe one day the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience will build a collection as good as that was! My hope.

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