Telling the world our story: Time to support A TOWERING TASK: A PEACE CORPS DOCUMENTARY

36 Hours Left To Help
Help fund a once-in-a-generation documentary
about the Peace Corps for wide release in 2017!

We surpassed 435 donors in honor of Sargent Shriver and received an anonymous $5,000 donation!
Now we’re over $77,000 closer to our $100,000 goal.

It’s time we are able to capture 55 years worth of history, trials and triumphs told from these remarkable individuals all in A Towering Task: A Peace Corps Documentary.

THANK YOU for Your Story of the Peace Corps!

Many Peace Corps documentaries tell the story of a single volunteer and how their experience changes their life and the lives of others. Our documentary is a rallying call for the Peace Corps Community to UNITE and tell its story. The real version—not the echo chamber.

Time is of the essence. Memories fade. The architects and pioneering volunteers of Peace Corps pass away.

$5 $25? $50? $100? What’s Peace Corps worth to you?

To tell the Peace Corps story, we need help from the community—Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, family, friends, and the peacemakers of the world. Peace has no price.

Ask your friends to join the movement. Donate here:>


Producter, Director, RPCV Alana DeJoseph

Alana DeJoseph

Alana DeJoseph


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