Clement E. Falbo (Zimbabwe) | MATHMATICAL MILESTONES

Clement E. Falbo (Zimbabwe) | MATHMATICAL MILESTONES

  Dr. Clement E. Falbo provides food for thought in an exquisite elucidation of mathematics   Mathematical Milestones is about the historical and worldwide progress of mathematics and its uses over the years, especially in the most recent four centuries. The reader learns of the contributions from the Western World, the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the world. We tell stories about the important work done by the top Mathematicians, both men and women. We show that Mathematics is a branch of the humanities as well as the Sciences; it benefits from growth in other fields, such as business, art and technology. Finally, we reveal that Mathematics suffered its own version of an “uncertainty principle” that mathematics cannot be both consistent and complete, discovered by Kurt Godel in 1931. Dr. Clement E. Falbo was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. After serving four years in the U. . . .

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