Suzy McKee Charnas (Nigeria 1961-63) Publishes on New E-Publishing Site

 A new e-pub venture opened this week in New Mexico. It is called, “Snackreads,” and their front page features a science-fiction shortsuzy2-360x480 story by Suzy McKee Charnas (Nigeria 1961-63) entitled Scorched Supper on New Niger. It is Suzy’s only story that draws directly with her Peace Corps experience in Nigeria in the early sixties. The story is 17,000 words long, is available in the formats: Kindle, EPUB, and PDF. The publisher, SnackReads, says “if you like Science Fiction, women in space, high stakes intrigue, uplifted cats, just desserts” you will love Scorched Supper on New Niger.”

The plot goes this way: Space pilot Dee Steinway has so far escaped the clutches of her empire-building brother-in-law; now he has her, her feline companion, and her uniquely valuable spaceship in his sights. Will her desperate landing at a colony of traders from Old Africa lead to an escape, a delicious comeuppance, or a trap?   

Here is a sample of Suzy’s prose:

Bob W. Netchkay wanted my ship and I was damned if I was going to let him have it.

It was the last of the Steinway space fleet that my sister Nita and I had inherited from our aunt Juno. Aunt Juno had been a great, tough lady of the old days and one hell of an administrator, far better alone than both of us Steinway sisters together. I was young when she died, but smart enough to know that I was a damn good pilot; so I hired an administrator to run the line for Nita and me.

Bob Netchkay administrated himself a large chunk of our income, made a bunch of deliberately bad deals, and secretly bought up all my outstanding notes after a disastrous trading season. I threw him out, but he took six of my ships with him. I lost nine more on my own.

The e-book sells for $1.99>

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