Support Our RPCVs On The Ground In Haiti

Dr. Jack Allison (Malawi 1967-69) is back from Haiti, but the Malawi Contingent of RPCVs and Peace Corps Staff continue their work in-country. Dr. Tom Powers (Malawi 1967-69) and Andrew Oerke (PC Staff: Tanzania, Uganda, CD Malawi, CD Jamaica 1966-71) with Dr. Anitra Thorhaug are still on the ground. Jack has returned to raise funds for their work.

Over the weekend, Anita wrote me, “Today the United Nations water and food started flowing to a group of more than 500 families in the epicenter village of Gressier where no supplies or medical care had previously occurred since the quake. Dr. Powers, who is assessing medical needs, has recently been in disasters in Central and South America. We have disaster coordinator Livio Valenti on the ground from FAO who was instrumental in mapping groups and getting the food and water flowing. From Dr. Jack Allison I hear, “we literally treated hundreds of Haitians, and undoubtedly saved at least a dozen or more lives because of our cogent interventions. I want to thank so many of you for your palpable s support via calls, letters, e-mails, Facebook, etc. For those who have donated to our project, we than you sincerely. For those still wanting to do so, please logon to the Greater Caribbean Energy & Environment Foundation ( It is a reputable organization with a track record of involvement with development projects in Haiti since 1982. It’s headed up by my former Peace Corps Director in Malawi (Andy Oerke), and his partner Dr. Anitra Thorhaug. The Haitian Government has given our project incredible responsibility and authority to rebuild Greesier, so working from within will be so much more devoid of hassle in a situation fraught with chaos and disarray.”

If you are willing to help, you will definitely be confident that your donation will get to the needy people of Haiti.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andy and/or Anitra directly @ 305.490.0074.

The mailing address is:
1359 SW 22 Terrace
Miami, Fl. 33145

Thank you.

Baby with sepsis being prepared to be moved to the USS Comfort.

Our Team #3 with Jack Allison second from the right in the second row wearing a light gray t-shirt.

Team #3 meets with community members  about water and food supplies in Gressier at quake epicenter.


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  • Thank you, Marian and John, for getting this info out.
    This is the sort of grassroots organizing that is truly needed.
    Not surprisingly, RPCVs are involved – credit to the Peace Corps.
    They need our contributions no matter how small.
    Geri Critchley

  • These photos brought tears of pride to my eyes
    ..'”peace corps volunteers
    learn peace,
    live peace and
    labor for peace from the beginning of their service to the end of their lives”
    ..the work goes on…
    Thank you John and Marian for letting us see our friends in action…we knew they were there somewhere but seeing the faces means so much

  • Wow, wonderful work being done by all. It is heartwarming, not to mention, thrilling, to see and hear about the exponential benefits from each person’s original Peace Corps opportunity to serve others.

    It is difficult to imagine our lives (yours and mine) without the “grounding” of Peace Corps experiences and connections with people throughout the world.

    Those on the ground in Haiti help alleviate the suffering upon suffering of the Haitian people. The rest of us can support their efforts through donations and our heartfelt thanks.

  • I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Belize, Central America and we am now co-coordinator of a Haiti Relief organization named Wyoming Haiti Relief. One of our doctors (Dr. Ryan Jackson) was recently on the ground with Dr. Tom Powers in Gressier, Haiti. Now that Dr. Powers has leftfor the USA – Dr. Jackson has chosen to stay and work for 6 months in the small town of Gressier. After a meeting with the Mayor, chief of police and Dr. Sanan – Dr. Jackson has recently aquired a 3,000 sq foot building in Gressier where we will transform it into a medical clinic. This building is currently a shell and is lacking medical supplies, cots, a generator, sheets and other necessities for the clinic. Dr. Jackson saw 200 patients yesterday and many of the people of the city of Gressier have never seen a doctor before. Please go to our website or contact us if you would like to support our efforts.
    Janet DeVoogd
    RPCV – Belize- 1990-1992

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