To support Kathleen Corey’s candidacy for Director of the Peace Corps


To express your support write Reema Dodin at who is accepting letters of support for

this position.  Also, send this letter to your Senators. I have included Corey’s qualification statement and short resume for your review and use in crafting a letter.





Country Director, North Macedonia                                                                                     2013-2016

Country Director, Sri Lanka                                                                                                    1994-1997

Acting Regional Director, Asia Pacific Region, Washington, D.C.                                  1992-1993

Chief of Operations, Pacific, Asia, Eastern and Central Europe and
Mediterranean Region, Washington, D.C.                                                                           1989-1991

Program and Training Officer, North Africa, Near East, Asia, and Pacific
Region, Washington, D.C., and Lahore, Pakistan                                                              1988-1989

Peace Corps Volunteer, Volunteer Leader, and Assistant Training
Director, Zorzor and Monrovia, Liberia                                                                               1975-1979



Leadership Instructor, Executive Development Division, Foreign Service
Institute, Arlington, Virginia                                                                                                  2016-2020

Foreign Service Public Affairs and Consular Officer, Honduras and
Argentina                                                                                                                                    2004-2013



President, Women of Peace Corps Legacy, Washington, D.C.                                        2018-2020

President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Seattle, Seattle, Washington                1998-2001

Executive Director, World Vision Seattle and Tacoma, Federal Way,
Washington                                                                                                                                2001-2003

Program Associate, Center for Applied Linguistics Refugee Service Center,
Bangkok, Manila, and Washington D.C.                                                                              1980-1988



Adjunct Professor, ESL Teacher Training, George Mason University,
Fairfax, Virginia                                                                                                                        1990-1992


Sixteen years of experience at Peace Corps

Served in top leadership positions at Peace Corps. Created and led Asia-Pacific Region. As Chief of Operations of the Pacific, Asia, Eastern and Central Europe and Mediterranean Region, led efforts to open 15 countries in the former Soviet Union. Negotiated and led Peace Corps’ entry into China, Bangladesh, and Cambodia. Served as a Volunteer and Volunteer Leader in Liberia for 4 years.

Experienced diplomat

Former State Department diplomat for 12 years, with strong negotiating and diplomatic skills to smoothly transition Peace Corps’ country reentry post-COVID. Deep knowledge of functions of U.S. embassies. Served twice on U.S. Ambassador’s Country teams. Worked with foreign ministries to advance U.S. policies.

Proven leadership skills in difficult situations

Hired to create, improve, or grow organizations, including the North Macedonia and Sri Lanka Peace Corps Programs, World Affairs Council of Seattle, World Vision Seattle and Tacoma, and Women of Peace Corps Legacy. Created diversity programs at Peace Corps. Led refugee resettlement education programs for Vietnamese, Lao, and Cambodian refugees in Southeast Asian refugee camps for 8 years after Vietnam War.

Experience handling crisis situations

Led 5 difficult Peace Corps evacuations: 4 countries during the Gulf War (Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen) and a 264-Volunteer evacuation from the Philippines, following a Volunteer kidnapping by the communist New People’s Army. Received Inspector General Crisis Management Award.

Proven experience in dealing with Volunteer safety and security issues

Provided exceptional support to Volunteers facing difficult challenges in their service. Known to be strong and fair, inspired Volunteers to follow rules on Volunteer safety and security. Supported grieving families who had lost a loved one in service.

Extensive knowledge and support of equity issues

As Peace Corps country director, organized events and created programs to protect and support LGBTQ and Black Volunteers. Received Peace Corps Meritorious Award for Diversity and Inclusion Program, which became a model for other Peace Corps countries.

Exceptional training skills

Taught professional skills, including effectively working with Congress, to all levels of diplomats at the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute. In recognition of exemplary training skills, selected to teach senior-level leadership courses for future ambassadors and deputy chiefs of mission. At Peace Corps, trained hundreds of Volunteers and staff on safety and security issues and cross-cultural sensitivity.

Outstanding people skills

Received exceptionally high marks for interpersonal and cross-cultural skills throughout career in Peace Corps and the Foreign Service.


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  • Kathleen is extraordinarily well qualified to serve as Director of the Peace Corps and enjoys the support of those of us who have served with her through the years. Ken Hill

  • I cannot imagine a better Peace Corps Director than Corey. For me, she was a boss who inspired and modeled not starry-eyed optimism, but sterling integrity, work ethic, and faith in the power of looking at the world straight on and doing your absolute best to make it better. For the volunteers and for the goals of the Peace Corps, Corey is the person who should be in charge.

  • I have known Kathleen Corey for about 40 years—since we both worked at the Center for Applied Linguistics. I was recently able to re-connect with her, and we spent a few days together. I have always found her to be professional, open, warm, and principled. She would be the perfect representative of this new administration to lead the Peace Corps.

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