Story on Apple Factory Broken by China RPCV Rob Schmitz

[The reporter who ‘broke” this story to the American press is Rob Schmitz, an RPCV from China 1996-98. Several China RPCVs were very suspicious of the detail, I’m told. Peter Hessler, now in Cairo, emailed me that “Many of us former China guys were really suspicious since the details didn’t make sense (like the guns–I knew there was no way that was true.)” According to Peter there has been at least one RPCV working for a major news bureau in China since 1999.

These reporters are another example of how the Peace Corps experience is paying off. We’re educating Americans about the world.

p.s. Jason Boog, who published this piece, is also a former Latin America Peace Corps Volunteer. We are everywhere!]

This American Life Retracts Mike Daisey Episode

By Jason Boog on March 16, 2012 3:42 PM

This American Life has retracted an episode about Apple factories in China featuring storyteller Mike Daisey.

Here is more from the show: “Regrettably, we have discovered that one of our most popular episodes was partially fabricated. This week, we devote the entire hour to detailing the errors in “Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory,” Mike Daisey’s story about visiting Foxconn, an Apple supplier factory in China. Rob Schmitz, a reporter for Marketplace, raises doubts on much of Daisey’s story. Ira also talks with Mike Daisey about why he misled This American Life during the fact-checking process. And we end the show separating fact from fiction, when it comes to Apple’s manufacturing practices in China.”

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