Steven E. Keenan (Liberia 1963-65)

Steven E. Keenan (Liberia 1963-65)
Monday, November 21
4:27 pm

PAUL, MY ROOMMATE, AND I were sitting outside the house having just finished supper. I had turned on the radio. We were listening to a music program being broadcast over Voice of America.

The music suddenly stopped and we were told of the tragedy to President Kennedy. We heard this within 15 minutes of the shooting.

I had been thinking how isolated and cut off we were out there, but not after this. The Liberian people were as shocked and saddened as we were.

President Kennedy had a connection with the African people, which few Americans could understand. The Principal of the school and numerous Villagers have come by to give us their sympathy and ask us why? Why President Kenney?

We have no answer to give them.

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