Solving the Climate Crisis by Palmer Owyoung (Namibia)


Solving the Climate Crisis: A Community Guide to Solving the Biggest Problem On the Planet
by Palmer Owyoung (Namibia 1993-95)
Self published
August 2023
$3.99 (Kindle)

Solving the Climate Crisis is an easy to read, solutions-based book that offers actionable advice that readers can take to create lasting changes in their communities. The book is filled with hope that by working together, we can build a sustainable future by using science, and evidence-based solutions to reimagine our economic, political, and social systems, to stabilize the climate and restore biodiversity.

We hear about it on the news every day, but climate change can be confusing. Are we doomed? How did we get here? What can I do about it? These are some questions you have probably asked yourself.

In Solving the Climate Crisis, Palmer Owyoung deconstructs climate change to understand how we got here, and looks at how we can create a better future by building a nature-based economy in which we live in balance with our environment. Not only will this save us from the worst effects of climate change, but it will also save millions of lives, save trillions of dollars, create jobs, lower health care costs, reduce pollution, lower energy costs, and create a more stable economy.

Palmer Owyoung (Namibia 1993-95)

Palmer Owyoung is an entrepreneur, writer, author, and blogger. You can find his work at

Palmer graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, and with a master’s in international relations from the University of California San Diego. He has  worked in corporate software sales in Singapore, and taught English at a University in South Korea. He has had several online businesses and currently resides in Thailand where he has been writing a column on sustainability since 2019 for the Phuket News. He enjoys surfing, martial arts, and writing. He is married and has two dogs.


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