SHOO DO GOOD Pants by Stacy Chong (Moldova)



Stacy Chong (Moldova  2014-16)

As a Peace Corps Volunteer Stacy worked with local NGO APIUS (Association for Moldova’s Fashion, Apparel, & Footwear Industries) as a Small Enterprise Development Consultant for Moldova’s fashion industry. Primary work centered around the development of Moldova’s first fashion center Zip House, a USAID CEED II project; accomplishments include:

(1) the creation and launching of Moldova’s first Textile and Sourcing Center, won a $10K grant and developed the textile center with student volunteers, acquiring over 2000 fabric donations and books from international communities;

(2) the implementation of three successful internship programs where over 54 youths, mostly girls, learned professional skills and received career guidance;

(3) the development of numerous workshops/seminars for industry professionals and university teachers – recruited international specialists, working closely with them to develop seminars/trainings in pattern-making, branding, marketing & sales;

(4) personally conducting workshops and seminars on marketing, forecasting, and small business development.

Additionally, taught Fashion Marketing and Merchandising courses at two Moldovan universities, and mentored young entrepreneurs in starting new fashion businesses.


Stacy wrote —

January 17, 2023 – My admiration for Afghan women began when I lived and worked in Kabul a few years back, before the Taliban marched into Kabul in 2021. I was working with a non-profit there helping Afghan artisans bring their craft to global markets. I can never forget the strong, talented and beautiful women I had met there; so it is especially devastating to see these talented women unable to go into offices and universities, or even buy a sim card, now under the Taliban.Thus, when I heard that Farishta, an Afghan embroiderer and artist living in Kabul, was looking for work I reached out do a collaboration with her. We will be launching the SHOO DO GOOD Pant campaign on Kickstarter in February 2023.

The SHOO pants will feature beautiful embroideries lovingly handmade by Farishta. My brand is a startup called SHOO, and I launched the company in 2021 after a successful Kickstarter campaign around an 8-pocket pant. I only do women’s pants – sustainable pants that are made with natural fibers and made with small producers whenever possible.

Stacy had worked in the fashion industry for 20 years, then left that world to serve in the Peace Corps, which led her into international work that support artisans and fashion entrepreneurs of post-conflict countries. She launched SHOO as a way to do the two things she am most passionate about – making new products and supporting small women producers around the world and even right here in the US.

The upcoming SHOO DO GOOD Pants that she is doing in collaboration with Farishta is slated to go live at the end of February 2023.

Just to put things into perspective, Stacy says, “if we sell just 200 pairs of pants, that would equal roughly 15 months of rent for Farishta. Consumers have all the power in the world to spend their money to do good, and I invite them to spend it on the SHOO DO GOOD pants. They will be getting an amazing pair of pants on top of making a direct impact in the lives of women who need our support right now.



“Hope you can all follow my Kickstarter campaign using the link below. All you need to do is click on the “notify me” button and you will be first to be in the know about the Early Bird discounts!”


To spread the word, Stacy has a Giveaway entry happening right now at

Stacy Chong (Creator of SHOO)
stacy ( @ ) shooapparel dot com
(617) 682 – 5135




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