Sarah Palin For Peace Corps Director?

Here’s a thought….what if the President, in a show of bipartisanship, picks Sarah Palin as our next Peace Corps Director? Obama has a habit of taking ‘potential’ Republican candidates and liberal Republicans into his Administration. [Well, she is not liberal, but she has potential to run against him]. Also, she is versed in international affairs…not only can she see Russia from her  home, she recently got her first passport.

Sarah has about as much experience as some past Directors….Nick Craw (1973-74) raced sports cars and had a trust fund; Loret Ruppe (1981-89) had been to Europe (after college) before she was appointed, but she had never been a Governor; Dick Celeste (1979-81) was a Governor and an Ambassador, but only after he was Peace Corps Director; he was, however, a Rhodes Scholar; Coverdell (1989-91) was a state senator; Gearan(1995-990) had a passport (I think) and did work on the Hill; Elane Chao (1991-92) was born in Taiwan, but hadn’t done anything internatonal until she took over the Peace Corps; Gaddi Vasquez (2002-06)was a cop, but he had been a tourist in Mexico.

So, it’s not out of the question that Sarah could be our next Director…as it appears no one wants the job! It has been, after all, 169 Days since President Obama’s Inauguration Day!

And using my list of qualifications for the next Director, she is qualified. Sarah likes to camp out; she likes to fish and hike. And you betcha….she can change a tire on a 4-wheel drive.


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  • John..who is the “fact checker” on this blog??

    My friend and former Ambassador to India and Governor of Ohio, Dick Celeste is a DEMOCRAT.
    President Carter appointed Celeste Director of the Peace Corps from 1979 to 1981, where he was responsible for programs in 53 countries.

    He is now President of Colorado College.

  • Dennis–I am the fact checker. Yes, I know Celeste is a Democrat. I didn’t say he was a Republican.( Nor did I say he was your friend.) Mark Gearan is a Democrat as well.And he was governor after he was Peace Corps director. I did say he was the Peace Corps Director for 1979-81….I’m missing your point. What facts are wrong?

  • oops..

    Didn’t know Geran was Democrat so I sumised ( incorrectly) that you included Celeste in the Republican group listed..

    oops again…

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