Sad News — WORLDVIEW Editor Steven Boyd Saum (Ukraine) leaves the NPCA


Steven Boyd Saum (Ukraine 1994-96)

Steven Boyd Saum, Director of Strategic Communications at National Peace Corps Association and Editor of WorldView magazine has resigned from the National Peace Corps Association.

Steve writes….

After serving as editor of WorldView magazine and directing strategic communications for National Peace Corps Association for the past several years, this is my last week wearing both of those hats. I’ll be sharing more news shortly on the new role I’ll be taking on in California.

It’s been a privilege to work with stellar colleagues and to lead a hard-working and creative team during this unprecedented time. An incredible community-driven effort animated the “Peace Corps Connect to the Future” town halls, summit, and report — and laid the groundwork for the most sweeping Peace Corps legislation in a generation.

Thanks to contributions of partners and interns and folks across the Peace Corps community, the stories and images that populate WorldView have shaped a magazine that has won multiple national awards. I and many others are grateful to all of you for what you’ve shared and taught, and to those who have nurtured this remarkable community across the decades and around the world.


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  • Indeed, more sad news! Even if Editor Steven Boyd Saum had not published my letter in the fall 2020 issue, I would sing his praises for he has led the magazine to new highs.

    Beverly Hammons, RPCV
    Ecuador 1970-73

  • This is so sad, I am sorry to sse the primier News Magazine for Peace Corps losing this brilliant man. Thank you, Steve, for all your great work,

  • This is terrible news! Steve’s departure is a tremendous loss for the NPCA organization and the RPCVs. He did a great job with WorldView magazine and will be sorely missed.
    Many thanks, Steve, and I wish you the best of luck with your new endeavor.

  • WorldView magazine became a favorite during Steven Saums time at NCPA and I will miss his creative leadership!

  • Steve Saum was hired when NPCA was on a roll and had a bright future. Due to the atrocious action of the NPCA Board in dismissing President Glenn Blumhorst, NPCA is now crippled and its future is crippled by doubts that the Peace Corps will be able in the years ahead to reach the pre-pandemic level of 7000 volunteers in the field. I’m afraid that losing Steve is some of the collateral damage created by Board that cashiered Glenn.

    • I also worry that that’s the case. I fear that this is another example of progressives eating our own institutions and gifted people. I witnessed it as a child when it happened in my parents’ social justice activities; it feels like we’re seeing history repeating itself.

  • Steve, congratulations once again on your award-winning successes with Worldview. I wish you all the best at what’s next, and I know it will be yet another success for you.

  • Worldview, under Steve’s brilliant literary and editorial prowess, became a first class very informative creative venue of present, past and future of the Peace Corps and RPCVs – increasing interest and new understanding of Peace Corps’s breadth and impact with inspiring stories of and articles by RPCVs, book reviews, international and cross cultural articles and probes into seldom but necessary issues.
    Steve’s writing and his selection of articles and subjects to include was wide-ranging and so forward-looking and innovative. What a loss for NPCA.
    Wishing you, Steve, all the best in your future endeavors . You will be missed.
    Geri Critchley

  • A tremendous loss for the entire Peace Corps community; continued repercussions of the NPCA governance issues. Steven’s stellar leadership at NPCA over the last few years was instrumental in advancing our mission – from crafting a consistent and compelling core message to producing high-quality publications. He took WorldView to new levels, raising the Peace Corps and NPCA brand high and proud by telling the stories of PCVs and RPCVs to a growing global audience. It was gratifying to work with a professional of his caliber and I hope to one day be able team up with Steven again. In the interim, best wishes in your new endeavors, and thank you for your service to the Peace Corps community. You will be missed.

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