RPCVs Are Everywhere! (Uzbekistan)

Leafing through Unhinged An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House by Omarosa Manigault Newman that was published a week or so ago by  Gallery Books, an Imprint of Simon and Schuster, I checked out the ‘Acknowledgements’ (page 332) as I often do to see if there is anyone I might know. Omarosa signals out to thank, Valerie Frankel, a well respected freelance writer in New York City who obviously did the ghost writing of this book. Omarosa writes to Valerie, “Thanks again for helping me share my memories and make happy new ones.”

She then goes onto to thank her fact-checkers and writes, “Without researchers like Beatrice Hogan….this book would not have been possible.”

Beatrice Hogan (Uzbekistan 1992-94) is a well respected freelance researcher for magazines and books in New York City.

RPCVs are everywhere! (But, thankfully, not in the White House.)

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