RPCVs at the Inauguration

The Peace Corps RPCVs wasn’t allowed to march down Pennsylvania Avenue on Monday in the Inaugural Parade–even though Volunteering was the theme of Sunday’s events. However, a few Peace Corps VIPs grabbed choice seats to hear the President’s address. Photographed below, from right to left, are RPCVs Steve Radelet (Western Samoa 1981-83), his wife, Carrie Hessler-Radelet (Western Samoa 1981-83) Acting Director of the Peace Corps, Yue Sai Kan, who Time magazine proclaimed “Queen of the Middle Kingdom, RPCV and Vanity Fair’s Special Correspondent Maureen Orth (Colombia 1965-67), with Anne Finucane head of Bank of America Marketing and Foundation who, I understand, reserved the seats for the Peace Corps folks. They were all close enough to wave at the the President and VP as they left their cars for the Swearing In.


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  • Shameful Carrie , Steve and Maureen..

    Where have we gone in 50 years …close enough to wave to the President!!

    Remeber the Peace Corps was started by a President who shook hands with PCV’s, who said there is no greater service to America than to be a member of the Peace Corps.

    Question? Did he wave back or use another jesture? He certaintly hasn’t paid much attention to PCV’s or RCPV interests in the first four years…maybe peace activities are on the agenda when we exit from our wars!

    Of course I voted for him and I don’t watch Fox News…

    Dennis Grubb
    Colombia I

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