RPCV Writer Jason Carter (South Africa 1997-99)Running for Governor of Georgia

RPCV Jason Carter (South Africa 1997-99) the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter has decided to jasoncarterrun for governor of Georgia. President Carter says Georgia faces serious challenges and would “greatly benefit from a smart and fresh leader focused on improving our schools, creating opportunities for a more prosperous middle class and restoring a sense of trust and transparency back to state government.”

Carter’s decision shakes up the 2014 race. Republican Gov. Nathan Deal already faces two primary opponents and now will deal with the prospect of a Carter campaign that will likely be well-financed.

Jason’s great-grandmother, Lillian Carter (India 1967-69) published Away From Home: Letters to my Family, in 1977. Jason’s book on his tour in Lochiel, South Africa, where he taught, was published by National Geographic in 2003. It is entitled, Power Lines, and details the racial divides he experienced in South Africa while living near the Swaziland border. Jimmy Carter wrote the introduction.

To learn more about Jason, check out this website. We wish him well.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/11/jason-carter-georgia-governor-race-10-things-to-know-99544.html#ixzz2kGelCjjs

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