Travel Writer Alexa West (Bulgaria)



The One-Way Ticket Plan: Find and Fund Your Purpose While Traveling the World
by Alexa West (Bulgaria)
New World Library
September 2023
328 pages
$9.99 (Kindle); $18.59 (Paperback)


Alexa West (Bulgaria)

In 2011, Alexa West (Bulgaria) sat on her bedroom floor, packed her life into a backpack, and got on a one-way flight with just $200 in her pocket. She turned that $200 into over ten years of full-time travel. She went from budget backpacker to solo female travel expert — and now teaches thousands of women how to travel alone and how to make money from anywhere.

In her new book, The One-Way Ticket Plan, Alexa reveals her decade’s worth of lessons, regrets, embarrassments, love stories, shortcuts, and problem-solving strategies — all packed into a hilarious page-turner and actionable plan for a total life makeover.

From real-world advice on how travel can lower your cost of living to guidance on traveling safely, using strange toilets, avoiding tourist traps, dealing with unfamiliar foods, and coping with friendships, romance, and loneliness, Alexa provides the tools and inspiration to turn even the most inexperienced traveler into an expert explorer before ever leaving the couch.

Looking for the best destinations for solo female travelers? Alexa is the author and founder of the best-selling guidebook, called The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide, which covers 12 destinations perfect for solo travelers.

Alexa is passionate about writing, travel and pickleball!


She is also the founder and CEO of “The Solo Girl’s Travel Guides.”  and  has recorded numerous audiobooks and published Kindle books under the  title The Solo Girl’s Travel Guides.







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